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… because every heart needs a soul…

Soul is a book to prevent suicide. 40 portraits in 2 emotions, once in a positive emotion, once in a negative emotion. The two pictures are taken at the same time so the person shows his two faces, sort of speak.

Besides pictures we interviewed psychologists, psychiatrists, volunteers at the Centre for the Prevention of Suicide, relatives, people with a background in psychiatry, social workers, …

Over a thousand suicides per year in Flanders, that’s about three per day … 1 in 4 people will sooner or later deal with less or more serious psychological problems. Over the period of a year, approximately 700 000 people suffer from a mental health problem. This is almost the equivalent to the total population of Antwerp and Ghent together … The numbers are hard.

Through this project we hope to make people aware of the issues surrounding suicide and mental health problems. It is a unique way to put the spotlight on the Suicide Line. Through testimonies, combined with pictures, we want to make people aware of the need for communication, even within the professional services. Moreover, it is an attempt to make people aware of the opportunities we do to prevent suicide.

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